Our Story

Established in 2005, E&B Group Ltd and its flagship brand ISPET were born out of a desire for creating the best possible life experiences for pets and their owners. We work with our team of pet-owning designers and artists who embrace inspiration and love for their adventurous and adorable little fellows back home. We strictly use only natural, eco-friendly and the most delicate fabrics which provide the ultimate comfortable connection between you and your pets, and yet fit perfectly as part of your fashion statement.


Our Design

In E&B Group Ltd, we believe that fashion should be simple, unique, but yet wearable. Our team of in-house designers aims to bring you imaginative, playful and functional pieces that are the most comfortable for your beloved pets. All our product lines are designed and produced with the safest and healthiest materials  which maintain its softness and durability over time.


Our New Adventure

In 2018, E&B Group Ltd achieved enormous success in our new model of retailing and global marketing strategies. By transferring online traffic to our physical stores, we provided innovative shopping experience to over 115,000 customers in 12 countries.



ISPET Harnesses & Leashes

The Bond for love Collection was created by our team of designers in US and made its debute in 2017. We build performance products to enhance and inspire outdoor adventures for pets and their owners. Through these fashionable harnesses and leashes, we provide more extensive freedom for pets to wander, sniff, and poke around. We believe it is the amazing connection with our pets, that motivates us to get out and explore the environment we live for and play in. With our light-weighted exploration leashes, growth leashes and companion leashes, there is a Bond for Love designed leash for every pet of different ages and its owner, whether you are using your leash for training or simply for taking walks.


ISPET Glooming and Care

Batheffection,our original collection for pet glooming and care, was developed by our research lab in Finland and launched in 2016. We proudly present our unique blend of all natural ingredients such as soothing aloe vera and calming oatmeal, along with moisturizing shea butter that ensures your pet stays cleaner and feels better, reinforcing the idea that bath time is an loving and enjoyable time. According to our research, dogs have special affections towards natural botanical aromas. They tend to react very differently to the scent of different plants. For your little tail chasers, we specially formulated this 100% Natural and Organic collection with the natural scent of Sweet Almond, Freesia and Aloe Vera, to soothe their senses, soften and moisturize the skin as well as leave hair silky and shiny.